Q: Is PasteOverNet compatible with VirtualBox?

A: Yes! (You'll need to setup bridged networking to put VirtualBox into the local network and have OpenGL supported inside of it to draw GUI.)


Q: Help! PasteOverNet appears not to be communicating at all.

A:By far the most common problem is firewall interference. To verify that, try temporarily turning off all firewalls and restart PasteOverNet.

If you are running a personal firewall, you will need to open port to allow PasteOverNet to communicate.  Those ports are set on "Settings" tab.

To allow remote copies be discovered (Visible mode) you must have "UDP multicast" allowed inside the network/firewall (same is used for IPTV).


Q: What can I use it for?

A: Personally I use it to send backups from my PC to a phone and a laptop, also I use it to send current reading links, pictures from the phone to the desktop.


Q: Is it free ?

A: Check editions table.


Q: I have purchased single license for my home network, and PasteOverNet desktop edition still operates limited.

A: Please check if both source and destination have the same license key. You're allowed to MOVE key (delete it on the source computer) but not to COPY it.