By downloading desktop version(s) you accept desktop license agreement.

Bundles for x86 (includes private install of Oracle JRE 32 bits)
Windows 32 bitLinux 32 bit
Bundles for x86_64 (includes private install of Oracle JRE 64 bits)
Windows 64 bitLinux 64 bitMacOS (64 bit)
Bundles for x86 without JRE (need 1.8_u40 to be installed at least)
Standalone JAR without launchers (works on any system/desktop if you have Java installed)
Standalone JAR
Android (store - needs login to store) mobile version
Android (server copy)
Android (Server version - maybe older that store, no need to login, needs permissions to install)
Android (PlayMarket)

*Linux versions are self-extract shell scrips. Please do to launch it (or right-click in file manager, set "executable"):

>chmod +x ./

**If you're worried about "viruses" or so please use JAR download. It is compiled java-bytecode. Use system-wide preinstalled, secured, preconfigured JVM to launch it. JVM gurantees security allowed by user.