PasteOverNet program - single solution to share files and clipboard inside local network for all platforms. No clouds or servers are involved.

Multi platform Java-based solution to share clipboard data and files in single click inside the local network, works on Windows, Linux, Apple MacOSX, Android.

Most users are familiar with moving data by hitting Ctrl-C (or Command-C) to copy to the clipboard, then changing applications and pressing Ctrl-V to paste. But what if you wanted to share a clipboard between two different computers on a network or even between computer and mobile? Sure, you could paste to a file, save the file in a central location, open the file on the other machine, and then highlight the data again and Copy and Paste... or you could just use PasteOverNet™.

PasteOverNet runs on each computer and (or) Android phone and performs both sending and receiving functions as necessary, which means the data can be sent in either direction between computers.

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